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Wow, nearly a year since I've posted anything here. Damned glad they still have this journal up.

Lots and lots of photos have been taken over the year, and more stitchies have been completed. For my own sake, I need to start posting a lot of it up here. And starting with a shot of the Kings Island Cemetery, where the body of MissouriJane is buried. She is said to be one of the ghosts which haunts Kings Island amusement park in Mason, Ohio.

The "actual" view...

And the photo after I played around with it a bit:

More in a bit - Alanis is demanding her breakfast. :)
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After months of on-again/ off-again work on this sampler, I finally finished it this morning. About frakking time, I know! Especially for its simplicity, this really should not have taken me this long. One photo of it, plus another photo of Alanis.

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No mother on Earth can make me feel guiltier than my cat after I've smooshed her paw in the door.

I've been keeping the doors to the bedroom shut for the past couple weeks. The window unit in the living room simply won't get enough cool air back there this summer, which means the entire apartment is sweltering. Tackiness set aside for comfort's sake, I drug the top mattress into the living room and have been sleeping out here for about a fortnight.

Chris will be here tomorrow night, and I am still struggling with packing everything up. I have things still in the bedroom, so I dared a dive back in there about an hour ago. After piling one load of clothes into a red tub, I opened the door to the hallway and thunked it out on top of the hidey box I set up for Alanis months ago. She came jogging out of the bathroom, where she had been monitoring the other door into the bedroom, and was not happy when I shut the door before she could get in. I grabbed a second box, one filled with wintery clothes, and opened the door again, only to find her right at the opening. I shooed her off and dropped the box on top of the tub, but she was too fast! I closed the door, then had to hurry and shut it again because something was draping between the door and the frame... and I guess Miss Someone had her paw already in the way. She let out a horrible, painful yowl, and had me rushing through the bathroom door in seconds.

Just before I began writing this entry, she came up to me, after running away everytime I was within two feet of her, and flooped up against my leg, letting me pet her, letting me know she's not mad at me anymore.

I'm just thankful I didn't break one or two of her bones or anything!

LJ Again.

Jul. 27th, 2011 04:09 pm
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I just spent about an hour and a half writing an update at LiveJournal about the move, my sister, the family's reaction, etc.

I go to post it? I am informed that is not the correct password (I am supposed to always be logged in) and now I can't retrieve it or anything.

Yay for more Denial of Service attacks on a site that used to be really good.

Damn LJ

Jul. 25th, 2011 10:44 am
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I need to update in LJ about my upcoming move, how the family is reacting to it, etc., but it seems as though they are under another attack, and have been since last night. Gee, this didn't happen every week or two before they sold it to the Russian peeps.

Yes, I know I can post here and then have it copied over there. the thing is, I don't want all of that stuff over in this journal. That's not what this one is for, at least not right now.

*sighs* I guess I'll just get some coffee and continue packing. Hopefully I'll be able to log in soon.

Frakkin' LJ.
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This one is for my Daddy, of course. He liked the fiddler's cloth I have been stitching a sampler on, so I decided the pattern I wanted to make for him should well go on some fiddler's cloth, too.

And this blackwork... okay, redwork.... is for Mom for Mother's Day. I was going to do it all in the silk floss, but it is a complete pain in the ass to work with! Instead, the outline is done in two-ply silk floss and the design inside is in one-ply cotton floss. I've got a little gold plastic circular frame for it, but haven't framed it yet.

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... coming home from a long night at work to see a little shadow move in your bedroom window. After pulling around the complex, looking up to see the shadow has returned and is patiently waiting for you to park the car so she can jump to the bed and come meet you at the door... oh, just priceless!

It's rather nice to know I'm missed.
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Eight years and two days ago I wrote my very first Live Journal entry. *waves* I'm here now, too!


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